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In the heart of Austin, Texas, an ensemble known as CAZAYOUX emerges, weaving a tapestry of sound with unparalleled dedication and craftsmanship. Led by Forest Cazayoux, whose drumming resonated far beyond the confines of their local scenes, they've drawn together a mosaic of musicians from around the globe. Each member, with roots stretching to Guinea, Japan, Mexico, and across the United States, brings a rich narrative of cultural soundscapes to the collective.


Their music, a thoughtful amalgamation of psychedelic funk, afrobeat, and jazz, transcends ordinary classification. It’s as if each note is carefully extracted from a vast, eclectic palette, blending into a harmonious symphony that speaks to the soul. CAZAYOUX doesn’t seek to overpower the senses, but rather, to engage them in a journey of auditory exploration.

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Attending one of their performances is akin to participating in a communal experience, where every rhythm and melody invites introspection and collective joy. It’s a space where the audience and performers unite in a mutual celebration of sound’s ability to transcend boundaries.

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horn player
Cazayoux Music Percussion
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cazayoux music band
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cazayoux music
cazayoux music
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CAZAYOUX - Take Your Time (Visualizer)
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Cazayoux • Purple Bee Live 92
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CAZAYOUX - Change Your Mind (Live @ Sahara Lounge)
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