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Vinyl - Echoes by CAZAYOUX


Anthony Farrell: Organ, Keys (Take Your Time, Kelly Drive, Spillway, JB)

Antonio Perez: Violin (Elijah’s Dance)

Aboubacar Sylla: Balafon, Djembe

Alex Freeman: Bass, Upright Bass

Damien Valenzuela: Tenor Sax

David Thacker: Organ, Keys (Keep The Peace, Echoes, Elijah’s Dance, Humidity)

Fernando Flores: Congas/ Percussion

Forest Cazayoux: Drum Set/ percussion

Fumihito Sugawara: Guitar

John Slavin: Trumpet

Joseph Woullard: Bari Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute

Todd Rogers: Trombone

Topaz McGarrigle: Organ (Humidity), Vibraphone



Produced by Topaz McGarrigle and Forest Cazayoux

Tracking Engineer: Mike Reilly at Electric Deluxe Recorders

Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Erik Wofford at Cacaphony Recorders


Cover Art: Fumihito Sugawara at Fumanstudios



Echodelick Records (US)

Vinyl - Echoes by CAZAYOUX

Item will be shipped in May.
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